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Our Story

The luxury designer fashion jewellery house, Opalina, has mastered the art of sculpting intricate architectural jewels embellished with gemstones & metals with luminous finishes of gold, rose gold, silver or matte gold to bring to life luxurious & opulent creations that embody a woman's eternal beauty.

Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘jewel’ or ‘precious stone’, OPALINA is a marvel of Indian craftsmanship created by artisans baring their souls through their craft; bringing to you, timeless soulful jewellery.

Inspired by the stories of the royal eras & nature's charm, Opalina's designs are a handcrafted oeuvre of cultures & traditions from the lands of Asia, Europe, the Middle East & the Western World, evoking the unique coexistence of the past & present, indelibly shaping its brand identity.


In Nikita Singh's hands, OPALINA has blossomed since its inception in 2018. Architect by profession, she blends her love of silhouettes, structures & aesthetics with a reverence for organic forms found in nature to create innovative jewellery designs. Every piece of Opalina jewellery tells a unique story, because she is inspired by women from all walks of life.


To be the world’s most CHERISHED and CELEBRATED handcrafted luxury fashion jewellery designer, retailer and manufacturer.


Crafting DISTINCTIVE, INNOVATIVE and HIGH QUALITY jewellery to delight and connect with the inner beauty and soul of a woman across ethnicities, races or cultures to enable a sense of belonging forever.
Creating AFFORDABLE LUXURY DESIGNER FASHION JEWELLERY for women of today. Continually driving SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES in our supply chain.


HONOUR the customer,
Lead with PASSION,
Achieve EXCELLENCE and be


Opalina's jewellery creations are a nod to the past, the present, and a future that redefines every woman's choice of jewellery for stepping out in style while blending in with her lifestyle. Every piece we design has an aesthetic direction that tells the stories of strong, spirited women from all walks of life.

Every woman who wears Opalina jewellery exudes romance, elegance, sensuality, femininity, style, and self-assurance. Exciting craftsmanship, opulent textures, earthy strokes, and tropical moods come together in beautifully handcrafted jewellery to create a fusion of the past and the present. ​Precious stones forming geometric shapes, rubies, emeralds, gold chains and antique coins are irresistible for every women.

Apart from being worn by the celebrities, Opalina products have also become part of jewellery boxes within royal families who have adored and adorned Opalina jewellery. The wide range of Opalina collections such as chokers, earrings, headgears, rings, necklace, handcuffs, wedding collections make perfect addition to an everyday casual or an evening glamour look or for engagement and wedding occasions.

Over the years, with dedication, passion & exquisite craftsmanship, Opalina is slowly but steadily becoming a synonym for high-quality and innovative design.


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