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An Unrivaled Ode to Luxury, Craftsmanship, and Power. In the luminous galaxy of opulence and artistry, certain luminaries align to cast a radiant glow upon a path of sublime elegance. The symphony between Queens Drive Club and OPALINA is a captivating testament to this splendorous union.

This alliance transcends the conventional realms of luxury. It stands as a paean to craftsmanship, heritage, emancipation, and the indomitable spirit of femininity. As Queens Drive Club and OPALINA converge, they beckon you to embark upon an odyssey of opulence, fortitude and eternal grace, meticulously forged with ardor and precision.


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Choose the initials or symbol to make your Opalina bag or box one-of-a-kind.

Opalina Gift Card

Buy an Opalina Gift Card of any value of gifting your loved one.

Lifetime Repair

We offer free jewellery plating for the first one year of purchase, after which it is chargeable.