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Opalina's jewellery creations are a nod to the past, the present, and a future that redefines every woman's choice of jewellery for stepping out in style while blending in with her lifestyle. Every piece we design has an aesthetic direction that tells the stories of strong, spirited women from all walks of life.


The luxury designer fashion jewellery house, Opalina, has mastered the art of sculpting intricate architectural jewels embellished with gemstones & metals with luminous finishes of gold, rose gold, silver or matte gold to bring to life luxurious & opulent creations that embody a woman's eternal beauty.

Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘jewel’ or ‘precious stone’, OPALINA is a marvel of Indian craftsmanship created by artisans baring their souls through their craft; bringing to you, timeless soulful jewellery.

Inspired by the stories of the royal eras & nature's charm, Opalina's designs are a handcrafted oeuvre of cultures & traditions from the lands of Asia, Europe, the Middle East & the Western World, evoking the unique coexistence of the past & present, indelibly shaping its brand identity.

What We Do

At Summer Somewhere, we’re designing clothes for your next holiday. Capturing the warmth of the sun’s rays and coolness of the sea’s breeze, our pieces are handmade in Mumbai. We use locally sourced fabrics from ethical vendors, each piece is carefully crafted to support a conscious lifestyle with a focus on long-lasting quality.

You can wear us to the beach, a garden brunch, a city walk or a cycle tour. Our tops, trousers, dresses stay fresh as summer daisies and stand the test of time - think classic with a vintage mood. Timeless and trans-seasonal, these cool girl staples will leave you with that nostalgic hint of a summer romance long after you’ve boarded your flight back home.

So when you pack for your next getaway, make sure to tuck in some Summer Somewhere in there.

As We Globetrot Through The World One Holiday At A Time, We Want To Do It Mindfully.

We're Plastic Neutral

Summer Somewhere has been a plastic-free label since the get-go. We are taking our commitment to being plastic-positive one step further by associating with ReCircle....


We recycle or repurpose our textile scraps. At the moment we’re only able to recycle 40% of our textile waste. We pledge to reach 75% by 2025.

Local Manufacturing

All our garments are hand-made and manufactured in two family run workshops in Mumbai. We only produce small quantities and do not believe in mass production...

Fabric & Materials

We are conscious about the clothes we produce. All our garments are made from high-quality eco-friendly fabrics that are 100% biodegradable.

Printing & Dyeing

We use AZO free dyes that are low impact dyes that do not contain carcinogenic compounds. We use digital printing technology, with GOTS certified inks...


Our courier boxes are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Wrapping paper is FSC certified acid-free paper, printed with soy based inks. Our mailers/ courier envelopes are recyclable.

How are we creating an impact?

The Plastic offset initiative by ReCircle allows brands like ours, who do not use any plastic in their supply or value chain, to offset a particular amount of plastic discarded in the environment by other sources. We at Summer Somewhere are taking the sustainable initiative to offset without having anything to compensate for. Along with environmental impact, this initiative will also impact social and economic dimensions of waste management in India.

How it works?

  1. Collection: Low-value, multi-layered packaging (MLP) plastic waste is collected from informal waste workers, landfills and dumping grounds, and waste generators like households, offices and institutions.
  2. Pre-processing: This collected plastic is brought to a segregation facility to further sort and cleaned, if need be. Then, it is pre-processed by baling or shredding.
  3. Processing: The pre-processed plastic waste is dispatched for final processing to relevant processors. It is used as raw material for conversion to energy, road-making or other alternative applications like recycling.

Feel free to reach out to us If you would like to see our certification and traceability documents.

How can you make a further impact?

Waste is waste only if you treat it so. With ReCircle, it is a resource. Make your waste matter.

  • Collect all your recyclables (paper, plastic, glass, metal).
  • Sign up with ReCircle at
  • Check the drop-off point closest to you at
  • And recycle! Congratulations on making an impact!

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