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Rev Up Your Style Quotient With OPALINA For Holi 2022

Colours are the food for our spirit, essence of our soul, expression of our style - that’s the power of colours! For Indians across the globe, festival means- good vibes, the...

Colours are the food for our spirit, essence of our soul, expression of our style - that’s the power of colours! For Indians across the globe, festival means- good vibes, the sheer joy of being surrounded by loved ones and the relishing feeling of togetherness. Holi, widely known as the festival of colours, is one such festival that is celebrated with loads of zeal across the world. Not only does it bring a feeling of bliss, high spirit, fervour and heart full of energy, but also incline people to feel ‘colourful’ on this special day of the year.

Considering the endearing nature of Holi, we at Opalina leave no stone unturned in making this festival special for you! We know how a festival influences our choices and makes us feel like we should probably wear the vibe of the festival. So, we took the plunge to curate an ensemble that would amp up your style quotient this Holi-day.

Opalina stands for elegance while making a statement. Serendipity is the perfect curation of pieces that strike the balance between delicate feminineness and show-stopping boldness. Vivid, vivacious, quirky with a splash of coloured gemstones, that’s what our collection is all about. 

Here are our signature pieces form the collection that you can adorn and flaunt this Holi:

1. Decadence Choker

As the name suggests, this choker is a definitely a sheer luxurious self-indulgence! Handcrafted aesthetically to make it the perfect wear for the festival of Holi, this choker is sure to make heads turn. Made with diamond-shaped gold pieces studded with dazzling multi-colour gemstones, a splendid piece to throw in a dash of colour and elevate even a simple outfit . While curating this
astounding piece, all we had in mind was how we can make it synonymous to colours. Think, we finally made what we visualized and now it’s time for you to dress the way you are visualizing Holi this year!


2. Exuberance Studs

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘exuberant’? Well, if it’s energetic, exciting and cheerful- then we are absolutely on the same page! Opalina doesn’t just stand for fancy jewellery but, for exquisite and staggering designs that will make you crave for more. So did we and thus came up with a line of complimenting pieces that you could pair with your Holi outfit. These diamond shaped studs, intricately studded with colourful gemstones are the perfect, hassle free accessory that juices up the vibe of Holi.


3. Jazz Age Bangles

When you are indecisive of which colour to choose – we got you covered with sleek, stylish and contemporary designs! Thinking of what accessory to wear on your wrist? We got you covered, through this collection we wanted to gift our beautiful ladies the feeling of completeness. Our Jazz Age Bangles are sure to take your style to a next level. This bangle is the equivalent of being bright, colourful and showy- just the way you would want for a festival like Holi!


4. Orange Stone Savoir Fraire Ring

Rings are girls’ best friends. Whether it’s a party, a festival, an event or any special occasion, a ring gives you the desired edge in one go. Our orange stone Savoir Fraire ring has taken to the theme of our collection- diamond-shaped and studded with a coloured gemstone. Pair it with any attire this Holi and see it dazzle even when you are drenched in the beautiful colours of Holi.


5. Soiree Earrings

Are you the fun-loving, quirky person inside who is longing to be set free, spend a rather exciting day than be boring, then this would the right choice for you! Our handcrafted 22k gold earrings with rainbow studded-stones and handpicked pearls, will give you the needed sheen and style quotient you have been waiting for. The hoops with floral platonic solid is bound to give you wings this Holi.


6. Tenet and Undaunted Hair Clips

At Opalina, we have always been excited by the thought of curating unconventional accessories, we wanted our beautiful girls to look pretty, dainty and smart at the same time. So, we didn’t just stop at the usual pieces rather explored unique accessories too and Serendipity collection is the true reflection of that. Be it any occasion, we all want our hair to be on point - our Tenet and Undaunted hair clips are handcrafted luxuries made out of gold and baguette cut dazzling colourful crystals absolutely the kind of flamboyance you have been searching for.

SHOP HERE (Tenet Hairclips) and SHOP HERE (Undaunted Hairclips)

7. Essence, Splendour & Radiance Multi-functional Chain

Are you the one who wants to stand out in the crowd or make a statement? Are you the one who loves styling the same piece in multiple different ways? We heard you! Check out our handcrafted Multi-functional Chains that will instantly give a vivacious and enchanting feel to your entire look. You could wear it as a necklace or use the same as a chain for your glasses. Curated with our handpicked oval and baguette cut crystals in striking colours, the chain will certainly make you look magnificent.

SHOP HERE (Essence Multi-functional Chain), SHOP HERE (Splendour Multi-functional Chain) and SHOP HERE (Radiance Multi-functional Chain)

This Holi, make your look count with our exquisite Serendipity collection and see how vivid and vibrant you look! At Opalina we aim to curate our pieces as unique as it can be and try to match up with the spirit of young, vivacious women of today. Because, a festival is not just about joy, happiness and celebration but about celebrating yourself. What are you waiting for? Holi is just round the corner. Check out our collection on our website today and grab your box full of colours!

Wishing you a Holi with loads of colour and a dash of Opalina!

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