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A 4 Step Guide- Use, Clean, Dry, Box it and Repeat!

Be it heritage jewellery, inherited from family or a beautiful statement piece you purchased for some self-love, we all own jewellery for various occasions and are always tempted to shop...

Be it heritage jewellery, inherited from family or a beautiful statement piece you purchased for some self-love, we all own jewellery for various occasions and are always tempted to shop for more to enhance our style.

What adds to this experience of owning jewellery? Receiving them in beautiful packaging & wishing the jewellery will never lose its newness! However, we often unwrap, use & propel them in with other jewellery in a box, not realising that improper care causes permanent damage overtime!

Much like fine jewellery, costume jewellery too requires utmost care and upkeep to prolong its life.We at Opalina value providing you with jewellery that are long lasting. Hence bringing to you easy tips to help you take care of these precious jewellery.

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  • Invest in Cloth Pouches and Lined Boxes.
  • With nuclear lifestyles, we are mostly living with limited storage spaces & cannot always keep all the packaging that comes with our jewellery. Even if we love to store our collections in grandma’s intricately engraved jewellery box, keeping them all together causes friction affecting the jewellery appearance. Storing these jewellery in velvet, silk, satin or cotton pouches will keep them safe from scratches.

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    Moreover investing in stackable drawers, compartmentalised boxes will not only create a lovely aesthetic on your dressing table but also effectively store the jewellery preventing further damage.

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    Extra Tip: Storing similar metal jewellery together helps to organise them better! You could even store our Signet Rings with all your rose gold pieces in one air tight box!

  • Don't forget the chains & necklaces! 
  • If you love wearing long chains, you will undoubtedly encounter the issue of them getting entangled often. Often we end up damaging them further while detangling! TThis can be stressful, especially if you're a traveller or often wear your neck pieces.

    Storing in boxes or pouches does help to some extent, however, due to movement it tends to get entangled still. Hence, it is ideal to store heavy or detailed neckpieces in their individual packaging provided by brand or opt for necklace hangers. Always keeping in mind they should not be kept in sunlight, humid areas or too many pieces together!

    Now you can adorn your neck with jewellery like our  Radiance Multifunctional Chain, without worry! 

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  • Clean it Consistently & Keep it Dry
  • Like your 3-step skincare regime, your jewellery needs a cleaning regime too!
    After wearing your precious jewellery, removing the dirt, sweat, cream or perfume remains is vital. If jewellery is left uncleaned for prolonged periods, even water can be damaging.

    For cleaning plated jewellery, it is recommended to use a lint free fabric dampened with water to gently eliminate oils, dust etc. Moreover, using lukewarm water with mild soap (find it easily in your pantry) will help remove stubborn dirt too. However, rinse twice, avoid soaking too long & dry them with cloth before packing it back in a box. For cleaning jewellery chains or gems, a soft bristle brush can too be used to gently clean grooves over a bowl.

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    *Avoid using any harsh chemicals as it will aggravate corrosion & cause the jewellery to lose its lustre.

    Be it our Serendipity collection, with multicolour studded gemstones or our Ziba collection with pearls, every piece needs utmost care and love to retain its shine and newness!

  • Keep Away from Perfumes, Hair Sprays or Serums
  • While perfumes, hair sprays & serums are essential for your beauty look, it is quite harmful to the jewellery. These products contain chemicals which can tarnish your jewellery. Moreover during peak summer, when it's high in humidity, sweat adds in the extra damaging effects caused to the jewellery too. Staying hydrated & cool in these moments are as crucial as ensuring the avoidance of such chemicals on the jewellery and later cleaning & drying the pieces before storing!


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